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Joule air source Heat pump powered by Samsung

The ultimate in home climate convenience is here, thanks to ClimateHub – Samsung’s new integrated solution for heating and domestic hot water supply. With straightforward installation, smooth commissioning, quiet operation and smart connectivity, maintaining home comfort has finally been made easy.

Next Generation Features

Smart Grid Ready & PV Enabled

  • Integrates with All Users on the Grid.
  • Optimises the Power Supply.
  • Maximises Use of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Solar PV-Ready

2020 Gen 6 Models

  • Hot Water: up to 65°C
  • Outputs: from 5 – 16 Kw
  • SCOP: up to 4.85

Smart Connectivity

  • Whole House Automation.
  • Zoned Temperature Control.
  • Touch Screen Controller.

Touchscreen Controller

  • New user friendly controller
  • Onboard Energy Monitoring Graphical Display
  • Easy to understand
  • Colour LCD Screen
  • Controls heating and hot water
  • Simple to use menu system

Samsung SmartThings App

Connect, automate, and manage all your Samsung and SmartThings-compatible appliances and electronics with a single, easy-to-use app. Because smart should be simple, however many devices you bring home. Connect to your heatpump and smart cylinder from the comfort of your living room. Access SmartThings features across a family of Samsung products, including smart phones, TVs, and fridges. Make your home smarter with custom automation. Create schedules and scenarios, and let SmartThings do the rest. It can even suggest new smart ways to automate your day.

Complete Solutions

Joule Heat Pump systems in conjunction with Samsung are one of the world’s leading heat pump air to water suppliers. Using heat energy from ambient air, which is a free and renewable energy source, results in low-cost heating and hot water production.

The Joule compact solution is built around a compact tank integrated hydro unit, with a large domestic hot water tank of either 180L or 230L. The compact and modular design makes for straightforward kitchen or utility room integration.

The Joule heat pump range suit most applications, the EHS Mono heat pump system includes flexible control options and hybrid capability, whereby the system can be used in conjunction with solar and/or boiler installations. All heat pumps supplied by Joule have high performance at low temperatures, lightweight, and are compact for quick and easy installation.

Table Example

Electric 15.0p/kWh 100% efficient 15.0p/kWh
Logs 8.3p/kWh 80% efficient 10.4p/kWh
Coal 6.3p/kWh 80% efficient 7.9p/kWh
LPG 5.8p/kWh 89% efficient 6.6p/kWh
Wood Pellet 5.5p/kWh 90% efficient 6.1p/kWh
Oil 4.9p/kWh 91.6% efficient 5.3p/kWh
ASHP 15.0p/kWh 300% efficient 5.0p/kWh
Mains Gas 4.3p/kWh 89% efficient 4.8p/kWh
We use Joule all the time because it is a decent product, they are efficient and good at what they do

Nick Cole, Director at NDC Plumbing and Heating

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The benefits of a heat pump

Renewable energy option

A great option for households looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Reduced running costs

Around three times more efficient than a boiler, heat pumps can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Eligible for RHI payments

MCS compliant heat pump installations are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Up to 400% efficient

Generating more energy than they use, heat pumps are an extremely efficient heat source.

Eligible for the RHI

MCS approved heat pumps qualify for the RHI

User-friendly guides

Comprehensive, step-by-step installation guides and user manuals

Heat Pump FAQs

I don’t have access to mains gas – could a heat pump be a suitable alternative?

A heat pump could be a particularly cost-effective choice if your property doesn’t have access to mains gas. This is because for every unit of electricity the heat pump uses, it typically outputs three times the amount in heat energy. You can expect a heat pump to be more efficient and cheaper to run than an electric-only heating system or an LPG boiler.

Does my property need to be well-insulated to have a heat pump?

Insulation should be up to modern Building Regulation standards to ensure the heat pump both effectively and efficiently heats the property.

How do I find a heat pump installer?

We can help you to find an installer for your heat pump through our Registered Installer Network.

If you already have an installer in mind, we can support heating engineers to fit heat pumps to Microgeneration Scheme standards, offering a range of commissioning packages.

The installer will need to have the following pre-requisite qualifications:

  • Part L Energy Efficiency
  • G3 Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Water Regulations 1999
  • They will also need to hold public liability insurance of over £2million.
What does MCS stand for?

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme or MCS is often described as the renewables equivalent of Gas Safe. You will need your heat pump system to be MCS compliant if you wish to benefit from RHI payments for your installation.

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