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Heat Pumps

Joule Heat Pump systems in conjunction with Samsung are one of the world’s leading heat pump air to water suppliers. Using the heat energy from ambient air, which is a free and renewable energy source, results in low cost heating and hot water production.

The Joule heat pump range suit most applications, the EHS Mono heat pump system includes flexible control options and hybrid capability, whereby the system can be used in conjunction with solar and/or boiler installations. All heat pumps supplied by Joule have high performance at low temperatures, lightweight and are compact for quick and easy installation.

Product Range

Aero Hot Water Pump
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Aero Hot Water Pump

The Joule Aero Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump cylinder provides new and improved technical features bringing exceptional performance and quality. The Joule Aero range of domestic hot water heat pump cylinders feature 200 and 250 litre models with an indirect coil for boiler integration.

Extremely efficient and sustainable, the Joule Aero cylinder uses thermal energy from the outside air to generate hot water. The Joule Aero cylinders are highly flexible due to its ability to produce hot water via three different sources; in built heat pump, electric back-up and/or boiler.

Air Source Heat Pump Range

Air Source Heat Pump Range

The Samsung EHS Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump is a compact outdoor unit that includes hydronic parts, therefore saving the time, space and expense of installing refrigerant pipes.

The Samsung EHS Monobloc range is the culmination of years of research in to what a Heat Pump should be. Simple to install, configure and most importantly use, the EHS Monobloc is the most cost effective solution to the majority of domestic heating needs.

Joule Heat Pump Cylinders in conjunction with Samsung provides one of the world’s leading air source heat pump systems. The process consists of an evaporator, a compressor and a condenser. It absorbs heat from the outside air and the heat pump compressor then increases the temperature of that heat further to create useful heat.

The Samsung Eco Heating System utilises Heat Pump technology to use the energy from the ambient air, which is a free and renewable energy, for low cost heating and hot water production.

Heat Pump Kit Components
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Heat Pump Kit Components

To make component selection as easy as possible, Joule provides a comprehensive range of accessories to meet your special heat pump requirements. Our system accessories ensure maximum operational safety at a minimal cost for planning and installation.

Smart Plumb Compact

Smart Plumb Compact

The new and innovative Smart Plumb Compact has been designed to not only look modern and minimise footprint for homeowners, but it also has been designed to benefit installers.

Having all main components easily accessible proves maintenance simple, as well as strategically assigning all valves to be part of one unit concludes everything being in a single place logically makes the job at hand simple, less time consuming and cost effective.

Gaining access to the front of the cylinder by simply removing the front panel to find everything being pre-plumbed and pre-wired, whilst not needing virtually any side clearance as all the pipework is on top are just a few benefits of Joules Smart Plumb Compact.

Smart Plumb Pre Plumb
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Smart Plumb Pre Plumb

The Smart Plumb by Joule is the most innovative pre-plumbed solution for heat pump systems. The cylinder / buffer combo is pre-plumbed, wired and commissioned before it leaves the factory. The buffer / low loss header acts as an intermediary vessel for the heating system which helps system flow rate and defrost cycling. With the cylinder sitting over the buffer tank the foot print has been greatly reduced. The control wires are all hidden behind the cable cover. The pipework is manufactured from 316L stainless tube.

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A new build project is the ideal scenario for embracing renewable heating. From this ultimate blank slate, Joule can help you can tailor your property’s heating system to meet low-carbon regulations and reduce ongoing utility bills.

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