Joule Provide Bespoke Underfloor Heating System Designs for Each and Every Project


Underfloor heating by Joule provides many practical benefits including a more comfortable environment and design flexibility to design the interior of your build without the physical constraints of radiators. Whether integrated with a gas boiler or renewable heat source, our underfloor heating provides an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Our latest underfloor heating installation was located in Berkshire. Each project is unique to each customer as each project has its own bespoke design.

The image here demonstrates how we strategically plan and evaluate our customers’ needs to supply a quality system that is fit for the application in hand.

We were asked to provide an underfloor heating system to our customer who was building an extension. The main reasons the customer was interested in underfloor heating was because of lower running costs, a more efficient system than their current and increased comfort levels in their home.

The perfect solution for us was to recommend a Inva Board. This underfloor heating system has pre-grooved cement boards that offer an ideal fast-fit, 18mm floor build up with a high output underfloor heating system.

The extension is a kitchen/dining area where heaters and radiators used to be distracting and eyesore, taking away the delights of the room. The underfloor heating system installed will heat the rooms more efficiently whilst increasing floor space and maintain its pristine look.