Smart Plumb Pre-plumbed Cylinder

Features & Benefits

The Smart Plumb by Joule is the most innovative pre-plumbed solution for heat pump systems. The cylinder/buffer combo is pre-plumbed, wired, and commissioned before it leaves the factory.

  • The buffer acts as an intermediary vessel for the heating system
  • Advance system flow rate and defrost cycling.
  • With the cylinder sitting over the buffer tank the footprint has been greatly reduced.
  • The control wires are all hidden behind the cable cover.




HUGH-G61860- 3C

HUGH-G62060- 3C

HUGH-G62590- 3C


HUGH-G64013- 3C

 Nominal Hot Water Volumes (Ltr) 180L/60L 200L/60L 250L/90L 300L/130L 400L/130L
 ErP Rating B/B C/B C/B C/B C
 Heat Up Times – Coils (MINS)
 Standing Loss 68 83 90 94 102

Primary Circuit Pump

Wilo – Yonos PARA RS 15/7.0 PUMP 1 130 12

Heating Circuit Pump

Connection Size (mm) Heating / DHW

22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm 28mm
Water Safety

Water Circuit

Control Thermistor (°C)

DHW Cylinder

DHW Expansion Vessel (Litres)

Control Thermistor (°C)

Over Temperature Cut-Out (°C)

80 ± 5

Temp and Pressure Relief Valve (°C) / (MPa (Bar))

90 / 0.7 (7)

Expansion Relief Valve (Cold) (MPa (Bar))

0.6 (6)
Weight Empty / Full (kg) 78/318 83/343 92/432 101/491 113/643
Cylinder Material Cylinder Cylinder Material Stainless Steel Duplex LDX 2101

Insulation Type

Polyurethane foam CFC-Free and HCFC Free
Insulation Thickness (mm) 50
GWP of Insulation 3.1
ODP of Insulation 0
Electrical Data Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz

Fuse Rating – MCB Sizes (A)*1


Immersion Capacity (kW)


Max Running Current (A)


Fuse Rating – MCB Sizes (A)*1