Essential guide to home heating


Choosing a home heating system can be a daunting task. Whether you building a new home or renovating you want to have the most efficient home heating system for your needs. Heating and hot water bills can easily take a large chunk out of your budget, that’s why choosing an energy efficient system is essential to keeping heating costs low.

Choosing Emitters

Generally speaking heating your home can be done in one of two ways. You could choose to go with radiators or underfloor heating.


Radiators main advantage is their quick warm up time and ease of use. They have come a long way in terms of aesthetics also. Slim and compact designs in horizontal and vertical can blend in with modern homes. Check out the stylish Riva range which are made from aluminium as opposed to steel, their not only better looking but have 30% more output. They are also cheap and less disruptive to install in existing homes. The size of radiator you will need will depend on the area of the room, amount of doors/windows and the insulation levels of your home.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating provides ultimate comfort for home owners by distributing the heat evenly throughout your home like a giant radiator. There’s nothing better that feeling the warmth under your feet during those cold winters. The heat supplied to your home is radiant heat, a more comfortable form of heat similar to the feeling we get from the heat of the sun. Reduced occurrence of dust mites that cause allergy’s is nice benefit also. There’s a large range of choice when it comes to picking underfloor such as suspended floor, screed and floating floors. Talk to one of the design professionals as InvaHeat to see what the best fit for your home is.

Efficient Heating System’s

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are top choice for homeowners looking for an efficient way to heat their homes. The heat pump is situated outside your home where it takes in heat from the air and transfers that to your radiators our Underfloor heating. They need electricity to run but they are highly efficient, able to give out 4Kw of heating energy for every 1Kw of electricity put in. You can also use your heat pump to take care of your hot water needs.

Solar Thermal

A simple but highly efficient way to heat your domestic water. Harnessing the power of the sun by heating up the liquid in the tubes, which is then transported to your cylinder. Make sure to choose a cylinder that is compatible with your cylinder. The team at Joule can help you choose the correct solar panel which are all designed for the northern European climates and have a zero-loss collector efficiency of 85%.