Joule Academy

Joule Academy is a digital training hub, with training courses that are designed to enrich technicians and contractors with the knowledge to properly install,
service, and maintenance of heat pumps

Tailored Training Options at the Joule Academy

Available at Joule Academy Course Catalogue: 

  1. Installation and Commissioning training courses. 
  • Samsung Air Source Heat Pump 
  • ModulAir Exhaust Air Heat Pump 
  • ModulAir & Green Comfort Exhaust Air Heat Pump. (Soon) 
  • Joule Cylinders (Soon) 


  1. Fault Finding & Repairs 
  • Samsung Air Source Heat Pump. 
  • ModulAir Exhaust Air Heat Pump. 

Why On-Demand Courses with Joule?

Online training

Offers flexibility, allowing participants to start, pause, and resume at their convenience. 

Zero cost-effective training

Entirely free of charge, with higher levels of your skill 

Interactive training

Valuable insights into a range of subjects from product overviews to legislative updates. designed for diverse learning needs 

Key features

Divided into short modules lasting less than 15 minutes for better understanding. Includes short knowledge checks at the end of each module 

Advantages for installers

Completion opens the opportunity for advanced-level technical knowledge and service training. Eligibility to apply for G1 accreditation for Joule heat pumps