JP Morgan Bournemouth Case Study

09.08.2016 Joule UK is a leading Cylinder Manufacture based in the Wirral, who specialise in Hotwater Cylinders and the Design of Domestic and commercial hotwater and heating systems. We was approached by Lee Hood Plumbing and heating who had a job for new Shower block at JP Morgan in Bournemouth.

The New shower block would have three distinct peak times of use and required some 4000 Litres of hotwater storage to cover these peak times. The Client needed and efficient and reliable way of heating the water and the system had to be able to recover the hot water demand within 2 hours.


Lee Hood Plumbing and Heating passed on the job specification to the Joule Design team, who came up with a design using 4x 1000 Litre hotwater cylinders coupled with 2 x 16 Kw heat-pumps per cylinder as an energy efficient solution, with Additional Immersion heaters to provide additional heat input at times of peak demand if required. Joule manufactured some bespoke cylinders and provided a full design package, including pipe work and Wiring schematics and control strategy for the systems. The system was then quoted and supplied by MKM in Hull who arranged the logistics’ of getting the equipment to site in staged delivery’s to tie in with the works on site.


Joule provided on going technical assistance during the installation, Lee Hood carried out the installation to a very high standard then Joule provided a full commissioning service, during the commissioning visit a full load test was carried out on the systems to ensure that the target reheat times could be meet.

During the commissioning visit Joule set up a control strategy to enable the best possible efficiency from the system. During Peak times the heat pumps work as a Master and slave system & work in tandem to bring each cylinder up to temperature, If the cylinders have not reached a predetermined temperature lift within 50 minutes the electrical back up will be brought in to assist.


During Off peak times such as the evenings and weekends, the heat pumps will heat the cylinders up without any electrical back up to maximise energy efficiency. Once the commissioning process was completed, Joule provide Lee Hood and the Client with all the relevant paper work for the system and carried out a detailed hand over process to JP Morgan’s maintenance staff.