Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery System For Maynooth


Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery System Installation

Joule supplies ventilation systems from mechanical ventilation & heat recovery, mechanical extract ventilation and demand controlled ventilation across the country. Each ventilation system we supply is carefully designed at our planning stage before installation. The reason for our dynamic approach is so the correct ventilation rate and energy efficiency is performing at optimum level.


Our ventilation systems control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants efficiently. As a result, designing the correct ducting with each ventilation system results in the highest efficiency with low energy use.



Mechanical ventilation & heat recovery system.


We are delighted to be supplying the space heating, hot water and ventilation to these semi detached modern homes in Maynooth, Kildare. This site had mechanical obstacles, especially with the ventilation systems. However we were able to overcome these obstacles to design an efficient, eco friendly ventilation system throughout the dwelling.


When we are working with our customers at the design phase it is important that the systems are sized appropriately. As a result of understanding our customers design, allows for the project to run as smooth as possible.


It was a pleasure to have partnered up with Davey & Smith Architecture at the design phase and O’Connor Plumbing & Heating.


Joule supply ventilation systems across the country. Here is our latest install development of a mechanical ventilation & heat recovery system.


We worked with Davey & Smith Architecture and O’Connor Plumbing & Heating to determine which ventilation system would be the right fit. For example, being able to understand their needs allowed us to ensure of the correct system. As a result, we have a range of mechanical ventilation & heat recovery systems available to our customers.


Selecting the right ventilation system that would integrate with the development design and meet regulations is where our team excels. The mechanical ventilation & heat recovery system we supplied was our InvaVent 200.


InvaVent 200 Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery System

The InvaVent 200 has been designed  to be an extremely installer friendly mechanical ventilation & heat recovery ventilation system. The InvaVent 200 is easy to handle due to its compact, low-profile design and lightweight structural body material. Therefore as a results of this the InvaVent 200 allows for quicker installation times and a decrease in costs.


The InvaVent 200 may be installed in both loft and ceiling spaces in apartments or houses, providing extra siting flexibility.