5kW Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump Kits

Features & Benefits

When it comes to heat pump size, bigger isn’t always better. What size air source heat pump you need will vary but the average home needs a model with an output rating between 5 kW and 16 kW. Air source heat pumps are given output ratings in kilowatts (kW) which represent how powerful a heat pump is. As a general rule, the bigger your home, the higher the heat pump’s output needs to be. Sizing a heat pump is never simple. There’s no one-size-fits-all as the heating demands of every property and family is unique. To get the air source heat pump size right for your home, email your floorplans to our design team.


W/ Integral Buffer W/o Integral Buffer Cased Internal Unit
House Size m² Year of Construction No. of Bedrooms Prod Code Prod Code Prod Code
10 – 50 > 2019 1
50 – 80 > 2019 2
80 – 120 > 2019 3
120 – 220 > 2019 4