Air To Water Heat Pump


Over the years the demand for air to water heat pumps in Ireland has skyrocketed. There are a few main factors why the demand for a heat pump has increased.


Samsung heat pump


One being new building regulations stating that all new builds need to have a renewable energy source. Not only does this allow for a greener environment but allows house hold owners the opportunity for lower energy costs too.


Another reason air to water heat pumps in Ireland are becoming increasingly popular is due to the government heat pump grant. A big question is how much does an air-to-water heat pump cost. Customers with a retrofit thinking about an air to water heat pump in Ireland can receive a heat pump grant.


Customers can receive up to €3,500 towards a brand new heat pump. Here is a video of Joule’s air to water heat pumps featured in the SEAI’s latest post. To find out more about the heat pump grant click here.


Understanding heat pump demands are increasing, Joule & Samsung have worked together to supply Ireland’s leading heat pump. Recently Joule & Samsung provided optimised software compatible with our Cyclone cylinder range producing new and improved nZeb efficiency figures.


What is an Air to Water Heat Pump?

An air to water heat pump, also known as an air source heat pump and air to water heating. Air to water heat pumps extract their heat energy from outside air in order to heat your home or business.


The process of a heat pump consists of an evaporator, a compressor and a condenser. It absorbs heat from outside air and the heat pump compressor then increases the temperature of that further to create useful heat.


The heat pump uses the heat from ambient air, which is free and a renewable energy source for heating and hot water. Using a heat pump system is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution.


Air to water heat pumps supplied by Joule are compatible with other heating a hot water products. Joule’s heat pumps can be integrated with radiators, underfloor heating, hot water cylinders and solar thermal systems.


Samsung heat pumps supplied by Joule as the leading heat pump manufactured in Ireland. Answering the question how much does a heat pump cost, Joule supplied leading heat pumps across Ireland. For high efficiency and low running costs Joule supplied the Samsung Mono to all new builds across Ireland.


What Air to Water Heat Pump is Right For me

Joule’s range of the industry leading Samsung Mono heat pumps are installed across the country down to their sophistication.


What separates heat pumps by Joule is the aspiration to keep refining the already accomplished leading technologies to meet customers satisfactions.


The air to water heat pump is 40% more compact resulting in savings on installation labor and costs. The performance of the heat pump maintains its efficiency at temperatures in the minus. The next time storm Ophila makes an appearance, have a peace of mind that Joule’s heat pump will run efficiently.


SEAI talks about a couple who recently moved into their new home which has a heat pump supplied by Joule.


“I find it very good. I needed to become familiar with the control panel, so I could understand what the various symbols were telling me but this was not difficult. 

It is easy to use, mainly because once the system has been set up correctly, the user is supposed to leave it alone. It is designed to stay on 24/7 and this is one of the big differences from a conventional system”, says Cathal.

“The other big difference is that the user sets the thermostat to an ambient 19-20 degrees and the house is designed to regulate itself to that temperature”

Read the story of the first experience with an air to water heat pump by Cathal and Siobhan, click here.