RM Cylinders

The RM Cylinders Stelflow Unvented Cylinder range has been designed from the ground up to offer storage capacities beyond our standard range while keeping the core product the same. RM Cylinders Stelflow’s are built to suit domestic and commercial duties, the product proves versatile for almost all situations where there is a call for large stores of Unvented Hot Water.

Because the core principles of the unvented hot water cylinder have been kept the same as our standard range, the installation procedures are exactly the same, meaning simple and straight forward installation. In addition, RM Cylinders have continued their customer commitment and the range comes complete with a 5-year guarantee, ensuring long trouble-free service and hot water for many years to come.

RM Cylinders Prostel Standard Hot Water Cylinders Range

RM Cylinders Prostel unvented hot water cylinders are constructed with Duplex stainless steel and industry leading components. Built with performance in mind, each hot water cylinder has been designed to reach optimum efficiency levels.

  • Manufactured from high grade Duplex stainless steel
  • Fitted with Branded Quality Components
  • Factory pre built Gas or Oil Boiler Ready

RM Cylinder Stelflow Pre-Plumbed

The RM Cylinder Stelflow plug and go hot water cylinder, pre-plumbed unit is available right across our range of Standard, Twin Coil and Slimline units.

  • Intuitive controls for ease of use for home owners.
  • A cost effective and simplified installation for a professional, neat and tidy layout and reduced labour time.
  • Installations are consistent across the range for uniformity and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Factory fitted components and control assists in reducing expensive customer care visits to site.

RM Cylinders - Optimum Hot water Cylinder Range

Built with innovative technologies the RM Cylinder Optimum range of hot water cylinders have been optimized to meet bespoke demands. The Optimal hot water cylinders provide industry leading efficiency levels.

  • Cylinder manufactured from high-grade Duplex stainless steel – specially selected for its high strength and resistance to stress and crevice corrosion.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Flat base for additional stability.
  • All plumbing connections are clearly identified and accessible at the front of the cylinder.

RM Cylinders Manufacturing

RM Cylinders constantly invests in the latest manufacturing technology and systems to develop robust and automated processes that ensure we produce the best product at the best value and consistently set the standards others aspire to

The key to our success has been our 100% in-house production facilities, giving us total control in terms of the wide range of products we are able to manufacture. This flexibility allows us to meet customers’ needs and deadlines even if there is a change in specification and requirement.

Our Environment - Working towards a Sustainable Future

RM Cylinders has a robust Environment Management System that meets – as a minimum standard – the requirements as set in BS EN ISO 14001. The system has been adopted to minimise potential environmental and health impacts and fully considers relevant legislation, regulations, and legal requirements with regard to government policies, ethical trading, sustainability, and customer expectations. Our products are designed to be as efficient as possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels through heating and minimise any negative environmental effects. Our products are designed to be as efficient as possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels through heating and minimise any negative environmental effects.